“GDPR really is a chance to transform a business and do so for all the right reasons.”

GDPR - marketing strategy wrapped in compliance?

In our monthly service review last week a COO shared the following.

“I think data is being done to us. GDPR feels like it should be the start of something. Not the thing itself.”

He’s right.

If you are involved in GDPR compliance at the moment and seeing it as less than a fantastic opportunity then you are missing the point.

This is much more than regulation and compliance.

New regulations for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be here before you know it.

There are plenty of scare stories out there of the depressing prospects that lie in store for any non-compliant businesses.

GDPR experts have become the new garage mechanics – sucking air through their teeth and uttering the GDPR equivalent of “sorry mate, your big end’s gone.”

Let’s just get us all on the same page first.

The European Parliament and the Council needed something that addressed the changes in how our data is used and keep pace with changing technologies that are letting loose even more data.

What they don’t tell you about GDPR…

It completely changes the way we think about handling data.

GDPR focuses on protecting individuals and their data.

It includes a new obligations for businesses, particularly around improving customer trust. Oh and there are fines.

What’s discussed less are the benefits of the process.

  1. Heightened controls will keep data cleaner and essentially more useful. Better data and the associated datasets form a complete view of people and ultimately drive more accurate analysis.
  2. The solid and compliant practices that will be driven out of GDPR will help businesses to safeguard their reputation and respond quickly to customer concerns if there were to be a breach.
  3. There will be less waste. Businesses only using and having access to organised and usable data will deliver operational efficiencies.
  4. If your customers have more control over who communicates with them and what about, then it’s more likely that you’ll improve ROI as marketing focus is spent only on those who are engaged.
  5. Improved data management will give improved opportunity for personalisation.
  6. Businesses under GDPR will have to interrogate the way they hold data how they are using it. Transparency is king – which generates heightened trust and confidence.
  7. Transparency and trust will generate greater consumer confidence and encourage individuals to share more, which in turn drives opportunity.

See – not at all scary.

Just better data, more efficiency – and plenty more opportunities to engage your customers and service users with confidence.

GDPR really is an enabler.

A chance to transform a business and do so for all the right reasons.

Yes, become compliant but use that opportunity to improve a business’s customer engagement.

Yes, clean the data and bring in more effective (and yes fine-avoiding) processes, but use your clean data to transform your customer engagements, your reputation, your marketing and your brand proposition.

GDPR compliance if done properly creates a truly consumer-centric approach to data governance and strategy, securing your customer’s place at the centre of your data powered future.